NTI Boilers TX200C

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NTI Boilers TX200C Description

The Tx high-efficiency stainless steel heating boiler is easy to install and maintain, and has proven reliability by the most used and tested technology worldwide. The user-friendly programmable display, fully packaged and wired assembly, and easy to clean heat exchanger make this unit a popular choice for homeowners and contractors. MAIN FEATURES:
  • Easy to program display
  • Easy to clean stainless-steel heat exchanger
  • Quick connect components
  • Universal vent connections with embedded test port
  • Vents in PVC, CPVC or Poly Propylene

Warranty (NTI Boilers TX200C)


  • Coverage: Years 1 through 5, 100% coverage
  • Components Covered: All parts (including Pressure Vessel)


  • Coverage: Years 6 through 10, 100% coverage
  • Year 11 and beyond, 20% coverage
  • Components Covered: Pressure Vessel only (also applies to the VM110P Indirect Fired Water Heater Tank)
  • To qualify for Extended Coverage, the installation must be registered at
    www.ntiboilers.com/products/product-registration.html within 6 months of installation. By registering your installation.


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