Home Saving Inc.

  • Home Saving Inc. warrants that the product supplied by it is free from defects in materials upon completions of the installation or delivery of the unit the customer will receive the usual manufacturer’s warranty certificate. All installed equipment comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This contract contains all terms and conditions of sale as agreed to by Home Saving Inc. and the purchaser and no other agreement or understanding. Verbal or written shall be binding on Home Saving Inc.
  • Nothing in this contract does or shall operate as a waiver of any rights. Home Saving Inc otherwise have by way of lien or privilege against premises by reason of doing such work of any part thereof. Or delivery of such materials as agreed to by the parties.
  • The vendor shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be liable for any damage to property or injury to any person either direct or consequential caused by or arising out of the delivery installation operation use or repossession of the goods. Or from any detect therein or in any part thereof particularly in regard to soot or dirt damage to rug. carpets floors. Or walls during the removal of furnaces. Boilers or beyond its control.
  • All payments are due upon installation or delivery of the purchased products. Customer has the right to cancel the contract within 10 day from the sign date with writing notice. However, there is a fee of administration $100 and 28% restocking fee.
  • This shall become binding upon Home Saving Inc. only upon acceptance by it. By delivering to the customer an accepted and signed copy of the contract. Or by the commencement of the installation by Home Saving.
  • All unpaid and overdue amounts shall bear a service charge of 3.5% per month from the date of default. This is not signed copy of the contract or by the commencement of the installation by Home Saving Inc.
  • Home Saving Inc remains the owner of all thee articles herein referred to until payment in full is received.
  • In case or failure to make the payment when due or to confirm to any condition of the Contract, the full unpaid balance shall become due without notice. Home Saving Inc. shall in that event have the option either or repossessing the said articles (the purchaser agreeing that the said articles are moveable) or claiming the entire balance due in case or repossession, Home Saving, shall have the right to retain all or part of any payments made prior to repossession on the basis of quantum merit and shall moreover have the right to dispose of the articles repossessed.
  • Any extension or delay accorded or payment received on account shall not be conceived as a waiver and shall be without prejudice to any rights of Home Saving Inc.
  • The purchaser agrees with the vendor that concealed spaces, chimneys attics etc. reveal difficulties of installation that are beyond the salesman’s examination and the purchaser agrees to pay for any extra work and materials that are needed to complete the work because of these obstruction and difficulties.