The Smartest Hearing Protection
in the World

For over three decades, Custom Protect Ear/ProtectEar USA has been the leader in providing effective, verifiable, and noise level matched hearing protection at a cost lower than disposable earplugs.

Custom Fit Solutions

dB Blocker™ Convertible (Vented)

Directly connects to our dB COM 2-way radio accessories and allows users to safely communicate in noise while having their hearing protected

dB Blocker™ Classic Metal Detectable (Vented)

Designed to cater to environments where Metal Detectible hearing protection is mandatory while providing superior comfort and communication

Crystal Clear Two Way Communication

Largest Personalized Hearing
Protector Manufacturer
In North America.

dB Blocker™ Classic (Non-Vented)

Our most effective style of dB Blocker and designed for higher noise environments

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    dB Blockers™ offer “The Smartest Hearing Protection in the World”

    dB Com™ provides custom industrial hearing protection that allows for two-way communication

    With dB Life™, conversations become clearer and more engaging;